Ride Departures

We meet every Sunday morning at Cafe J'adore, 504 Centre Rd, Bentleigh. The cafe is open for breakfast.

We have an official organised ride every month (3rd Sunday) but there are also ad-hoc rides every week.

We ride off at 9:00 AM Sharp - also see note below.

Come along 30 mins earlier to allow time for some breakfast & schmoozing before we head off.

On hot days where the forecast maximum temperature is over 35 deg, we may decide to leave at 8AM instead to avoid the afternoon heat. In this event, a message will be sent via the EGroups no later than the Wednesday before.
So during days of very hot weather, please keep an eye on the EGroups and the forecast so you don't arrive after we've left. On early deparatures, we'll try to leave a note at the cafe saying where we went with some mobile numbers, so if you do miss us, you may try to catch us up (but no speeding :-)


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