2014 AGM
Sam Blumenstein  Monday, 27 October, 2014

David and Sol receiving a $3000.00 award cheque from the Bendigo Bank presented by Hanna Shuvaly the manager of our local Caulfield Park branch.

We encourage all our club members, friends of the club along with their families to support this local Bendigo Bank with their patronage. Note that the bank gives back profits from their business activities to the local community. Our award is a direct example of the banks association with club members who are doing business with the bank to generate such a sizeable award. Please consider at least talking to Hanna or any of her team with regard to switching your banking needs to this the only bank that puts back profits into our local community.

You can take it a step further considering that 2/3's of this award will be donated by YOW to our local Hatzolah branch to help them in their daily work of responding to medical emergencies throughout our community. The spill over effects of YOW members dealing with the Bendigo Bank is potentially far reaching and very worthwhile. Remember, you save one life, you save the world.

Was great to see a good crowd of members, family and friends of YOW for dinner and then the AGM formalities. The new committee incidentally is as follows...Sam Blumenstein President, Sol Leski Vice President, Secretary Batya Simon, Treasurer Mark Barnoy. Other committee members are Stuart Conway, Graham Solomon, Jeff Travers.