2014 Melbourne Cup Day Ride
Sam Blumenstein  Tuesday, 4 November, 2014

Wonderful gathering of of riders on a warm day. There were 13 bikes with some very welcome old faces in the group. There was Sol (Duke) Howard (Howie) (Wee Strom), Les (Multi Ducati), Clive (Multi Ducati), Mike Bonner (BMW), Mike (friend of Clive's) (Aprilia), Jeff (Harley), Mark (Kwaka ZZR), Matti(BMW GS1200), Volvi (Harley Night Train), Sam (Vmax), John Zylberlicht and David Blutman both on cruisers.

The event started well but we were already stopped after a short ride from Lenny's Milk Bar to Hawthorn Rd. as Sol's Wee Strom stalled with a flat battery. After Sol hailed down a passing car to give us a jump start we were on our way again. It was great to see a long gaggle of bikes cruising along together. The traffic was relatively light and after getting off the # 11 freeway we headed down the backroads through Balnarring, a small diversion for some twisties on the Point Leo Rd. and into Flinders for refreshments and a shmooze. John and David headed straight back, while everyone else did their own return rides as they pleased.

A total of 188kms for Mark and myself who chose to avoid the M11 on the way home and took the older Moorooduc route into Melbourne.