Planes vs Bikes Ride challenge
Sam Blumenstein  Sunday, 15 December, 2013

New format for this year saw the ride extended beyond the usual Tooradin run. Bikes stopped at Tooradin to drop off an object the planes boys had to pick up from there proving they landed in Tooradin. The bikes proceeded on to Leongatha Airport as did the plane. Planes beat the bikes by 17 minutes as they had no take off traffic today at either Moorabbin Airport (their starting point) or Tooradin. Bikes still did very well considering we had a very large group this year. It was a great ride, thanks to Richard and the fly boys for organising a wonderful day out.

[rp update] With Leongatha aerodrome being some 10km from town, the flyboys were all pillioned into town as some of us had brought spare gear, after which we enjoyed some lunch together, . After that experience hopefully the flyboys will still turn up again for the next challenge.