Bikes VS Planes Ride December 15th
Sam Blumenstein  Sunday, 15 December, 2019

Bikes vs Planes Ride was run today. This is the 8th time we've done this ride over the last 9 years. Many thanks to the flyboys and girls who participated today and on all the other occasions. The weather was cool and mostly overcast, perfect conditions for the bikes. It was a little windy for the planes but all in all no one could complain.

The bikes won this year by a substantial margin which is normally unusual.

Our usual organiser and ride leader for the day Richard was forced to go with the flyers today after fracturing his foot recently in a push bike fall. Sam lead the ride and a small group of 5 bikes made it to the airport at 10:01 am and the planes came down at 10:15 am The other bikes came in mostly ahead of the planes.