Ride To Remember New York Israel Day Parade
Sam Blumenstein  Monday, 7 May, 2007

Hundereds of Jewish bikers from many of the JMA clubs from the U.S Canada, Australia and Israel. Riding together in the front of the annual Israel Day Parade down 5th Avenue Manhattan in New York City. Pretty incredible feeling being a part of it. The slow pace however is hard on bikes and a few succumbe to the heat generated in the slow traffic. David and I were together on this one and decided to ride from our base in New Jersey to Niagara Falls to meet up with the Canadian clubs coming to New York City for the event. Some wonderful country through upstate New York, northern Pennsylvania and north to Niagara Falls on the U.S Canadian border. The falls were amazing and so was the ride with the Canadians down into western Pennsylvania where we also met up with the Chicago group also heading towards New York. The sprint into New York city was amazing as was our later visit to the Orange County Chopper Shop courtesy of the Chicago groups contacts.