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Sunday, 10 January, 2016 - 08:30




504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (Cafe J'adore), Pakenham via the M1 - we turn off the M1 at the MacGregor Rd turn off., From Pakenham we head off to Gembrook - 10 min Loo stop., Launching Place - for 10 mins for fuel stop, smoko and stretch the legs, Healesville - 20 min stop - morning tea, re-fuel, stretch the legs, Loo stop and smoko, Mansfield = 1 hour stop for lunch, smoko, re-fuel & leg streches, Healesville, Emerald, Home




Graham Solomon


The ride is to take place on January 10th 2016.

As the ride is a long ride we will starting 08:30 sharp. If you want Breakfast before leaving, make sure that you get to the cafe by 08:00am

Due to the expected warm weather and that the roads may be congested on the way home, we have shortened the ride

Make sure that your Petrol tank is full before arriving. First fuel stop will be at Healesville.

As the weather will be hot, it's a good idea to carry a bottle of drinking water. If you don't have the means to carry a bottle of water, get one of the other riders who has paniers or ventura bags to carry your bottle of water for you.

We will be leaving the cafe at Centre Rd, Bentleigh and heading off to Healesville via Pakenham, Gembrook & Launching Place. We will do a short loo stop at Gembrook and then stop for 20 minutes at Healesville. (Re-fill fuel tanks here.) Then on to Mansfield via the Black Spur, Alexandra, & Bonnie Doon. . We will stop here for about 1 hour - Lunch, smoko and re-fuelling. From Mansfield we travel back the way that we came along the Maroondah Highway to Healesvile. Emerald and Wellington Rd to home. We expect to be home by 04:00pm

It will be a long and challenging ride. Especially for those who have not done a long ride before. However, we will be stopping on a regular basis, be it to re-fuel, eat, toilet stop, or just to strech ones legs.

We will be leaving the Cafe at 08:30 sharp.

Anybody who has queries about the ride can contact me on 0488-685-008 or via email glsolomon@optusnet.com.au

Graham Solomon


Well what can I say. The day started out perfectly with the temperature being somewhat mild a bit cloudy, but they disappeared later in the day.

We started out with 12 riders Sam B. Sol L, Mark B. Rod R., Volvi G.,Pearl., Howard, Sam S, Josh C. and his friend Rohan, Sergey, myself Graham. We rode via the M1 to Pkaenham where we turned off for Gembrook. There we met up with Chris Rostrum making the group a tidy 13. From there we went to Launching Place and then on to Healesville where we stopped for Morning Tea. Volvi, Rod and Pearl left us at this point. From there we went over the Black Spur, ( was a very slow ride over the spur due to car traffic with boats in tow ) and then on to Eildon where we managed to to lose Sol, Sergey and Rohan for a moment. but they got to have a look at the Eildon weir wall. The rest of us who were busy filling their tanks missed out on that. None the less, a wee bit later a somewhat disgruntled Sol and his tow accomplices met up with us at Petrol station. A quick poll around the members and we decided to go to Mansfield via Jamieson. 44Kms of twisties that felt like a 100kms of twisties. But a great ride. Poor old Rohan had a run-in with a jerk biker coming from the opposite direction who was on the wrong side of the road. Some damage was done to Rohan's bike, his shoulder and his pride. But his bike was still rideable and he manged to ride home OK. We stopped at the Jamieson brewery for lunch. They had to open the kitchen especially for us as we got there after 2:00pm and the kitchen normally shuts at 2:00pm. We had lunch and then rode the rest of the way to Mansfield.Then back home via Alexandra, Black Spur again, Healesville, Woori Yallock, Emerald to Wellington Road to home.  We left at 08:30 and arrived back home after 07:00pm riding approx 525Kms. This ride was done as a result of Josh Cohen asking me to take him on a long ride and a long ride we took him on taking to account some of Victoria's finest roads for bikes. It was a long hot day, but thoroughly enjoyed by all who partook of the journey.