Ride to: Mornington

Start Finish:

Sunday, 19 July, 2015 - 09:30 to 12:30




504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (Coffee Fix)




Sam Blumenstein


It's been a cold winter particularly this last week. We will do a relatively short ride this Sunday to take advantage of the expected sunny weather predicted. It will still be cold so dress appropriately.

Have a think of a destination you would prefer and we'll decide on Sunday morning where the general consensus will ultimately take us. Regardless it would be nice if as many of you as possible came to the coffee shop for breakfast just to say hello.




Was nice to see a big crowd arrive at the coffee shop this morning. Despite the fact the temperature was a very chilly 1C the sun was out, the rain was no where to be seen and the wind was very light. Perfect riding day for a short ride. Left the coffee shop at about 9.45am with Volvi leading. The group comprised Graham, Rod, Volvi, Gideon (tail end), Josh, Roi, Shlomi and myself.

After a run up the freeway to come into Mornington via Bellarto Rd. we stopped for coffee and a warmup in the Mornington shopping strip. Gideon, Volvi and I headed back home via Frankston. The others headed further along towards Arthurs Seat for some twisties before heading home.

It was great to see everyone turn up to the coffee shop whether they were riding or not. Colin, Sol, Glenn, Mikheal, Stuart, Mark, Reuven, Daniel and Jon.

As is usual in the colder months bikes do not start...Alex called with a flat battery stuck on South Rd. Jon was kind enough to go down there and help get Alex going again. Mike Bonner left me a message with similar battery problems which prevented him leaving home.

I strongly urge any of you replacing your bike battery to consider fitting a lithium battery. They are around $250.00 to $300.00 but will last a minimum of 5 years, they don't need to be left on a maintainer, they will start a bike in below zero temperatures even after sitting around for many months. I have been using these for 3 years and I would never buy another lead acid, gel or other traditional type battery again. Just ask Sol and Glenn if they like theirs. Incidentally I can source the Shorai brand lithiums with a 15% discount if anybody wants one.

For those on a budget remember to call Gideon (he's in the trade) to supply you a battery for your particular bike. If you are in a hurry I highly recommend the guys at the old Brighton Kawasaki (YOW members get at least 10% off) on Nepean Highway.