Ride to: Trafalgar

Start Finish:

Friday, 3 January, 2014 - 09:00 to 15:00




BP at corner Thompson Road and Dandenong-Hastings, Leongatha VIC, Mirboo North VIC, Trafalgar VIC, Nepean Hwy, Cheltenham VIC


Mike Bonner


Please note the slight change: if you'd like to leave from the coffee shop, I will be there for an 8:15am departure. If you miss that, you have 45 minutes to get to the Thompson Rd BP to start the ride at 9:00am.

Yes, it's short notice, but anyone wishing to join us for a ride tomorrow, FRIDAY, will not be disappointed.

We leave from the BP at corner Thompson Road and Dandenong-Hastings road at 9:00am sharp, so be there at 8:45am for the ride formalities.

Lunch in Trafalgar and then home by early to mid-afternoon.

Hope to see some YOWies there!



To follow after the ride - by the ride captain.


For anyone that would prefer to leave from Cafe J'Adore, I will now be leaving from there at 8:15am sharp, to be in good time for the 9:00am departure from the aforementioned BP service station. Feel free to join at either location.

The ride will be an anti-clockwise loop as per the map.



Great ride Mike. Thanks to both you and your brother for setting this up. Wonderful roads, light traffic and very good company. I pulled off early because I needed to fill up. I would not have made it back to the designated petrol station.