Ride to: Philip Island OR Gippsland

Start Finish:

Saturday, 24 January, 2015 - 09:00 to 14:00




Cafe D'Lish 269 Bambra Road Caulfield South, Philip Island, Home to Caulfield




Sam Blumenstein


Leave from Cafe D'Lish on Bambra Rd. We are meeting Les and others who are off to Gippsland for a ride there. We will ride with them till the turnoff they take towards Leongatha and we'll continue on to Philip Island.

Those who prefer to go on the Gippsland ride can just do so with Les. Those that wish to go to the Island Classic Races at Philip Island will do so as a separate group...take your pick basically.

Keep in mind the entry cost to the track at the Island on the day will be $30.00 If you do go to the track. Friend of YOW, Chris Rostron will have his Kawasaki GPZ900 entered in the Period 6 races and ridden by Ryan Taylor. Ryan was effectively the champion in this class with Chris's bike last year.

Depending on what people do regarding the ride and track entry you can separate and make your way back home individually or as a group based on individual wants.


A group left from Cafe D'Lish including Les, Clive, Dennis, Mark, Arthur, Oleg, Tili, Simon and myself. Glorious weather and great riding conditions. Mark and I left the main group who headed for the great roads of Gippsland while the two of us went to the Philip Island Classics race on the Island.

Mark and I had a great run home in relatively light traffic while the traffic approaching Philip Island was almost bumper to bumper with Australia Day holiday crowds driving to the Island.