Ride to: Gippsland area

Start Finish:

Sunday, 3 May, 2015 - 09:00 to 12:45




504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (Cafe J'adore), tooradin, poowong, drouin, Home




Sam Blumenstein


Simple plan...Everyone comes to the Bentleigh coffee shop for breakfast on time! Leave the coffee shop by 9.15am and head to Tooradin. A quick toilet stop there and then on to Loch, Poowong and stop in Drouin for refreshments. The roads around Loch, Poowong and on to Drouin are great bike roads. From Drouin we head back via back roads through Nar Nar Goon and on to the M1 and home.

We've had some nasty weather in the last month or so but it's looking like more typical Autumn weather this weekend so make sure you turn up for a ride. If you can't make the ride come down to the coffee shop to say hi anyway. Don't be strangers!!!


A group of 13 bikes turned up today. Conditions were cool but mostly sunny and ideal for riding. Corner marking was lacking early on and several were soon separated from the main group. We got things under control after Tooradin and enjoyed some wonderful back roads with virtually no cars on them to detract from the fun.
Lunch at Drouin and some more back roads to Nar Nar Goon and them home via the M1.

There was a large group at the coffee shop as well. This is very good to see.



would love to join this ride, haven't had the aprilia out of a while, but i've committed to support this protest (cycle) ride as maccabi are participating so we are joining them


i heard some motorbikes were also affected by the tacks and that is a safety issue, i've no idea if any bike clubs are taking part tho..