Ride to: Leongatha Bike vs Plane

Start Finish:

Sunday, 15 December, 2013 - 09:00 to 15:00




Cafe J'adore 504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (near the corner of Centre and Jasper Rds), Tooradin, Leongatha


Richard Phillips



The Challenge this Sunday is going to be more ambitious and exciting than the previous 3 yrs - not to Tooradin for a change, but Leongatha!  Hopefully everyone has reserved the date and is free to come along as we want to have more riders than flyers.

The plan is to meet up at the usual cafe j'adore at 9:00.  we'll ride to Tooradin airport (last years destination) and leave an object for each plane.  The aircraft need to land at Tooradin, locate their respective objects (which doesn't need to be easy to find!) and then take off to Leongatha airport.  This should give us a fighting chance given the extra distance and slow ride thru Korumburra.

There is not much at the airport so any flyers that are game can pillion with us into Leongatha town (10km) for food/drink/shmooze.  So a call to all riders prepared to bring a spare helmet and ride 2-up, otherwise we'll need to call for a maxicab.

Weather is looking ideal - dry and 23 - at this stage.  should be a great day.  Come and maintain the tradition and see you at the cafe by 9:00 to allow time for a schmooze and briefing before we take off.  New members don't fear, although we call it a race, we follow all the usual safety precautions, we adhere to speed limits but just don't waste time.  Please arrive with enough fuel to get there at least.

Would be good to get an idea of numbers and if you have a spare helment so please use the comment facility or the rides topic on the forum to let everyone know (don't use facebook).  also please sing out if you have any routes suggestions.   thanks



We had a great turnout for the challenge this year and great weather: 15 bikes, 19 riders incl pillions, 1 car, 1 plane with 3 pilots.

In piper warrior III:   Leon, Joel and Peter S

In spitfire Mk-4 : Stuart and Cheryl


Richard (aprilia)
Dave & Carol  (harley road king)
Volvi (harley)
Mark b (kwaka)
Graham s  (bmw 1200)
Glenn w (bmw)
Batya (fzr6)
Simon & Vanessa (bmw)
Mike B and son (bmw k1100)
Sam B (tenere)
Matti (bmw 1200gs)
Avi (yam fjr)
Evan (multistrada S)
Rick & Debbie (stripey BMW R1200GT)

if i missed anyone, let me know via the forum.  Sergei can't recall what you were riding, sorry.   i remember once seeing you on a cafe racer, like a bonneville but can't recall seeing that on Sunday. please update on the forum.

New format for this year saw the ride extended beyond the usual Tooradin run. Bikes stopped at Tooradin to drop off an object (an old blue leather jacket) the plane boys had to pick up from there proving they landed in Tooradin. The bikes proceeded on to Leongatha Airport as did the plane. Planes beat the bikes by 17 minutes as they had no take off traffic today at either Moorabbin Airport (their starting point) or Tooradin. Bikes still did very well considering we had a very large group this year.

With Leongatha aerodrome being some 10km from town, the flyboys were all pillioned into town as some of us had brought spare gear, after which we enjoyed some lunch together, . After the pillionig experience hopefully the flyboys will still turn up again for the next challenge.

After lunch everyone split, some went directly home.  Graham, Evan and I pillioned the pilots back to the airport, then did a burn up the Korumburra - Warrigal twisties.  Total round trip for me: 290km

See forum-->rides thread, updated with links to 2 photo albums published by the pilots, check it out, some nice shots.

thanks to everyone for participating, and to those (graham) that responded to the request to bring spare gear.


Will be there Richard.

will be there pg. cant bring helmet tho, no room for it. looking forward.