Ride to: Yarra Valley area

Start Finish:

Sunday, 8 February, 2015 - 09:00 to 14:00




504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (Cafe J'adore), Gembrook, Healesville, Emerald, Beaconsfield, Home




Sam Blumenstein


A variation of the normal Yarra Valley Ride. Wherever we ride in this area on the back roads you simply cannot go wrong. It will be a little cooler than Friday and Saturday so there is no excuse not to ride. Because of the hotter weather we will leave 9.00am sharp proceeding down North Rd. to Rowville with a short stop at Gembrook. Be fully fuelled please and bring some water to stay hydrated.


It was an overcast and much cooler day compared to the heat wave few days earlier. A big crowd for breakfast at the coffee shop was great to see. Those not riding who were there...Colin, John and Barbara, Michael W.

A welcome return to Barbara and John Shuster who as we already mentioned have started their own catering business and need your support for any parties or simchas you may have. Sol was blown away by their food at a recent simcha they catered and as we all know Sol is a very tough culinary person to please.

Batya showed up on her bike after a long hiatus without riding due to injuries and longer term medical treatments. It was great to see you back on the bike. Batya went off to meet friends at the annual Hanging Rock Hot Rod and bike show. At least she was riding.

A welcome also to Leo Keller on his Triumph for his first ride with YOW. A good group took off from the coffee shop including Wayne and Helene (BMW), Alex (Harley), Volvi (Harley), Matti (BMW), Avi (FJR Yamaha), Graham (BMW), Gideon (Yamaha), Mark (Kawasaki ZZR), Oleg (Yamaha Virago), Leo (Triumph) and Sol as tail end charlie.

We encountered a little traffic getting out of town and up to Gembrook. The road to Launching Place was almost empty and the twisties there are great. Into Healesville for lunch where Wayne and Helene had to make their way home. Gideon left soon thereafter.

Leo accompanied by Sol cruised home down the Maroondah after the rear brake caliper on Leo's bike semi siezed on with the pads grabbing the brake disc. The rest of the group went home via, Woori Yallock, Emerald, Beaconsfield, Berwick and home on the M1

Thank you all for coming.