Ride to: Gippsland Area

Start Finish:

Sunday, 21 October, 2012 - 09:30 to 16:30




Cafe J'adore 504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (near the corner of Centre and Jasper Rds), Loch Village (on South Gippsland Hwy) - morning T , Mirboo North, Trafalgar (petrol), Noojee (Lunch at the Tooolshed)


The route for next Sunday's official ride is an all-day loop through Gippsland. We'll cross Princes Hwy twice, so if anyone wants an early return to Melbourne they can do it. The route is to Loch Village for morning tea and to meet up with me and Lauren (one of you guys to lead that first leg). Then to Noojee for lunch (me as pillion behind someone leading). After lunch she and I will continue riding the loop around through Fumina and Willow Grove, then cross the freeway at Warragul and head back to Loch Village.


great crowd at the cafe for the monthly ride. Big welcome to Lauren visiting from US (riding Kwaka zzr-600) and welcome back to SAM (gsx1400). Starting riders were: Batya (RC) pillion on Sam's gsx (batya not riding her bike owing to wrist ligament injury), Richard (lead), Avi (TEC), johnno, Lauren, Evan, Mark B, Volvi, Glenn, Wayne & Helene. Also at the cafe not riding today were Colin & Gideon. 10 bikes, 12 riders pretty good! The ride went unusually as per Batya's ride plan, got away at 9:15 and good run in bright sun. Encountered some drizzle patches nr nyora but dried off before reaching loch village. After devonshire cappuccino Glenn, Wayne, Volvi, Avi, and Sam split via Sth Gipps. Batya hopped on evan's FJR and 5 bikes continued to Noojee via Mirboo nth and Trafalgar (fuel stop). mostly sunny ride with occasional short shower. The road from Fumina to the BawBaw turn off was in a shocking state, with huge potholes and gravel on most bends - Beware anyone heading that way. (reminded me of riding in the US - sorry lauren :) Lunch at toolshed was up to standard. Returned via Jindivick, Jacksons Track All in all a great twisty day. 360km. Home 4:30 Link to Lauren's photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4765271172271.2191787.131014489... PS: scroll down for maps and image attached. The blow up of lang lang - loch is for Volvi and others who asked how we got to Loch (who didn't believe it's 1km shorter! :)