Ride to: Black Spur

Start Finish:

Wednesday, 25 December, 2013 - 07:30 to 13:45




McDonalds Restaurant corner North Rd. and Jasper Rd. Ormond, Healesville


Sam Blumenstein


Get out early, get back early. Leaving Macca's on North and Jasper no later than 8.00am. Arrive at the Macca's start point early if you want to have breakfast, coffee or a bathroom stop.

Have your fuel tanks FULL. Check your tyres. Take water bottles, it's going to get hot. Bring some snacks or food as we really don't know what will be open.

I have an alternate ride to the Flinders/Hastings area if the majority of people would prefer to do that area. Let me know. You all should have my number.


Great ride with a great group today. Thankyou Sol, Mark, Simon and Max for riding with me today. We left right on time from the Macca's corner North and Jasper Rd's. Through Emerald, Woori Yallock, Healesville and up the Black Spur which had very light traffic. We re-grouped at Narbethong and headed back down the Spur and into Healseville for a sit down to eat and drink.

Max left us there as he continued back up north somewhere while Simon, Mark, Sol and I fueled up in Healesville and back onto the back roads to Woori Yallock. Simon left us there as he needed to get back to Melbourne. Mark, Sol and I continued back to Emerald where we took the gorgeous Berwick Rd. for another pleasure filled ride ending in Berwick and the freeway (M1) home.

Thankyou all for your participation. It was a very stress free day with everyone working perfectly as a riding team.


hi guys

ducati out of moth balls...see you in the morning..sol

Looks like you and me Turtle!