Yarra Valley

Ride Date and Start Finish Time:

Sunday, 15 January, 2017 - 08:30 to 12:30


504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (Coffee Fix), Healesville

Estimated Distance:



Arbitrary Ride


Sam Blumenstein


Mark Barnoy, Sam Blumenstein, Mike Bonner, Volvi Goldberger, Martin Jurblum, Avi Katz, Sol Leski, Wayne Levin, Helene Levin, Rod Rabinov, Sergey Sokolovich, Graham Solomon


Hard to beat the wonderful Yarra Valley area for a great weather day ride. Leaving early so we can be back early. Come to the coffee shop early for breakfast or coffee so we can leave at 8.30am before the fools in cars crawl out of bed.

Ride Report:

A good group for todays ride. Good to see as many as possible taking advantage of the cool weather. We hit one small snag when corner marking was not as effective at the Woori Yallock turn off. Everyone eventually joined up once again.

The traffic was heavier than expected since there are still plenty of holiday makers on country roads.

Two groups went home different ways. My group did the longer run home via Cockatoo and Packenham while the rest took the Maroonda H'way straight home.