Ride to: Bacchus Marsh

Start Finish:

Sunday, 9 August, 2015 - 09:30 to 13:00




504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (Coffee Fix), Bacchus Marsh




Sam Blumenstein


Take the Geelong Freeway via Kingsway and the Westgate Bridge. Turn off at Little River and up the back way to Bacchus Marsh. We don't go to the west of Melbourne very often and with all the recent rain this region is generally drier so the roads are not as precarious. We'll stop at Baccus Marsh for a fress or for those who want to buy some very nice produce to take home.

Home from there whichever way individuals prefer.


Was great to see so many at the coffee shop despite the cold overcast weather. Eleven bikes set off and struggled to get out of Melbourne via Dandenong Road, Kings Way and over the Westgate Bridge to Geelong Road. Too much weekend traffic approaching the freeway meant our group was often split by traffic light stops. We'll take Burke Rd. and right onto M1 next time for west of Melbourne rides.

A 40km run on Geelong Road and off the freeway to some very nice back roads through Little River and up to Baccus Marsh. A fress there at the local bakery and everyone headed home down the freeway at their own pace. A few of us stopped at the fruit market heading out of town located on the Avenue Of Honour (WWI Australian AIF casualties from the town). Then home via the freeway.

Riders were Gideon, Sol, Volvi, Matti, Joel, Mark, Mike, Richard, Alex, Matti's friend (sorry forgot his name), Graham, Rod and myself.

Was nice seeing Colin, Evan, Jon, Avi and YOW's resident Quack Simon to see us off.