Ride to: Ballan via Kyneton

Start Finish:

Sunday, 30 August, 2015 - 08:30 to 15:00




504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (Cafe J'adore), Caltex on Kings Way Rd (just before on-ramp), Kyneton, Ballan, Home...




Mike Bonner


Snap ride at short notice, taking in the north-west once again. This will be a fun loop to Kyneton in an anti-clockwise direction, through Daylesford, Ballan, Werribee and then home. It's long but fast, and if you are pushed for time, you could always ride with us as far as Kyneton or Ballan and then take the freeways directly home instead of completing the loop. Due to the length of the ride, we must leave the coffee shop at 8:30 SHARP, so be fuelled and ready before you arrive.

CITYLINK WARNING: Yes, we will be riding to Tullamarine Airport via CityLink, so if you haven't already linked your motorcycle registration to your CityLink account, jump online and do it - it only takes a few minutes and saves you having to buy daily passes everytime.

Depending on numbers, there will be full corner marking and no-one will be left behind.

So come along for what promises to be a spirited and highly enjoyable ride!


Well, given the 8:30am departure time and the possibility of rain, it was great to see Gideon and Josh at the coffee shop. My brother, Brett, was there too and as we were preparing to leave, Roy turned up. So, five of us headed out, Brett leading and me as TEC. Our first stop: the viewing lot at the back of Tullamarine Airport. It was a busy morning for aircraft, and we saw at least four planes land in the space of 15 minutes. There we were joined by Dave, one of Brett's mates. Gideon returned home to perform a bagel run, and the ride continued toward Romsey. The weather began to deteriorate, with light rain and a corresponding drop in temperature. Roy decided to call it a day and headed for home after reaching Romsey (I think...). The rest of us pushed on and, lo and behold (this is Melbourne, after all), the rain stopped, the sun came out, and we enjoyed some fantastic roads with minimal traffic.

Morning tea at Kyneton, lunch at Ballan, and a couple of unscheduled toilet stops in between...

We decided to trim the last stage of the ride and head directly home after lunch. Great roads, beautiful scenery, and a range of weather that made for a great day out. Back home by about 3pm, having travelled about 320km.


Well done Mike. This is a ride worth repeating in the warmer months.