Ride to: Beach Road

Start Finish:

Sunday, 18 January, 2015 - 09:30 to 11:30




504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (Cafe J'adore), Beach Road Mordialloc, Beach Road to Station Pier, Home




Sam Blumenstein


A short ride today weather permitting. Predictions are for low 20's C and only small chance of rain. This is a "smell the roses" ride where we leave the coffee shop at 9.30am proceed down North road to the Beach Road. Turn left and take in  the Beach Road to Mordialloc.

We turn around and go back the same way along Beach Road to Station Pier where those who wish to can have some refreshments there and it's home from there whichever way you prefer, as a group or individually.

Just a relaxing morning ride.


A dreary, cold and overcast morning but fortunately no rain. The coffee shop on Centre rd. was nevertheless buzzing with activity and a good crowd fressing and shmoozing. At 9.40am we said goodbye to Batya, Gideon, Avi, Jeff, Jon and Sol and left west on Centre Rd. to arrive at Beach Road via Hampton Street and South Road.

Riding were Graham, Oleg, Arthur, Alex, Chris, Volvi and myself. We simply headed down the Beach road passing all the bicylclists all the way to Mordialloc. Around the roundabout and then back onto Beach road for the run to Station Pier where we stood and bench raced for a while and discussed the Bright trip as individuals eventually peeled off separately for home.

It was only a short and slow ride but it is always good to cruise up Beach Road along the sea front.

Sorry Richard, we did not see you along the way with the YOB's on push bikes.


sorry not this week for me, i'm riding with YOB instead - (Yidden on Bicycles),  But we ride exactly the same route, so we'll keep an eye out for you guys.  

we usually leave mordiallocto head back at about 9:30 so i think we could cross paths around black rock if you all leave as advertised.

(What out for cyclists :)


we saw you guys, we crossed paths nr the hampton st, beach rd  junction  (we were on way back)

waved frantically but you guys were focussed and didn't see us. your staggered formation was neat, you guys looked really smart..