Flinders/Red Hill area

Ride Date and Start Finish Time:

Sunday, 28 August, 2016 - 09:00 to 13:00


504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (Coffee Fix), Flinders

Estimated Distance:



Arbitrary Ride


Sam Blumenstein


Mark Barnoy, Sam Blumenstein, Florin Boiciuc, Mike Bonner, Josh Cohen, Volvi Goldberger, Richard Phillips, Rod Rabinov, Sergey Sokolovich, Graham Solomon


Still trying to shake off the cold weather and this coming Sunday is looking cool but sunny and dry. We have not been down to Flinders and the Red Hill region on the Mornington Peninsula for a while and it makes for a very pleasant 1/2 day ride.

Leaving at 9.00am SHARP to avoid the now too common weekend traffic. Dress warm and come to the coffee shop early for breakfast as we will be leaving on time. Those of you who are wimps in the cold weather...get over it, let's ride.

Ride Report:

Good crowd. Nice ride and well worth it for the fress in Flinders. The sun finally came out to warm us and an enjoyable ride home as well.

See the album for more details...