Ride to: Flinders

Start Finish:

Sunday, 17 February, 2013 - 07:30 to 12:00




Cafe D'Lish 269 Bambra Rd.Caulfield (Next to Princess Park)


Sam Blumenstein


Note: The different leaving location for this one. It's going to be a warm day so we'll get out early with light traffic. Fress breakfast in Flinders and home via the Red Hill and surrounding areas before the heat sets in. Be fully fuelled and hungry. The bakery in Flinders has wonderful food.

For those who need to, Cafe D'Lish is open at 7.00am for coffee and breakfast if you prefer to fress earlier.

David was supposed to lead this ride but cannot so I'm filling in this time.


Cool morning. 
Light traffic. 

Avi, Mark, Wayne and Helena as well as myself had a great ride in cool conditions to the Flinders bakery. Lovely breakfast and shmooze. David and Carol drove up from Frankston to meet us. 
Avi broke away before the bakery due to commitments back home.

The bike riders went home via Red Hill (some strawberries from Sunny Ridge) and loop back to Flinders on those great roads then home via the freeway to Bungower Rd.
The rest of the way via the old road which only had very light traffic. 
It was quickly warming up. After a fuel stop we were home by just after 12.00pm and a total of about 215kms.

Mark is right...Giving up an hours sleep for rides like this is well worth it.