Ride to: Tooradin Bike vs Plane

Start Finish:

Sunday, 2 December, 2012 - 09:00




Cafe J'adore 504 Centre Rd Bentleigh (near the corner of Centre and Jasper Rds), Tooradin Airstrip, Wings & Fins restaurant


Richard Phillips


3rd year running, the Plane / bike race is set for Sun 2-Dec 2 aircraft have been booked. Our Top Gear style challenge will probably be to Tooradin airfield again because the restaurant there does the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet on the 1st Sunday of the month and 2/12 will be it (let’s get our priorities right J. However the pilots are looking at alternatives at the moment – it may also be Tyabb, leongatha – will update closer to the day. Any suggestions, please post back on this thread. They have arranged gruntier planes this year capable of 5kts faster cruising so we’ll need to be on our toes! If weather good, we can ride on somewhere after breakfast, maybe poowong or peninsular rather than straight back along slab. As usual meeting at the café for 9am departure. So please hold this date and will update with more details soon. If you can come or likely to come, please reply and let me know as Joel wants to book tables on the deck at tooradin and needs approx numbers for this. Would be great to get enough bikes to split into groups doing different routes. The scooter riders may join us again.

All YOWs and friends welcome, hope you can come along.


Ride Report – Bike-Plane Race #3.  2-Dec-2012

 YOW had a fabulous turnout for the 2012 Bike-Plane Race!  It’s the 3rd time the challenge has been held – first Sunday in December. 

 At the café, pres. David thanked everyone for coming, saying how great it is to see new faces.  Richard described the race rules; two planes, two groups of bikers riding to Tooradin airport.  Leon reminded us the winner was the first to the bottom stair of the coffee shop.  The bikes split into 2 groups of 8:

 Bike Group 1: Led by Mike B (and son Steven pillion), with Brett B as TEC, took the standard freeway route.

 Bike group 2: Led by Richard, with Pres Dave and Carol as TEC, took a shorter route distance wise but at the mercy of traffic lights.  See map of route  image below >>

 Riders were: Alvin D, Ian R, Jonno, Mark B, Rod, Sam gsx, Sam vmax, Sergey, Shaul, Stuart, Volvi,Wayne& Helene.

 A huge welcome for first time riding with YOW go to: Ian, Sergey, and Shaul.  Hope to ride with you guys again soon.

Also at the café to fire the starting pistol were Avi, and Colin.  Gideon rode some of the way with us.

 Batya’s report:

In the planes, we made quick time through the pre-flight, thanks to Doreen for pre-checking fuel and oil. Leon (Pilot), Doreen and Joe took the lead, with Joel (pilot), Ivan and Batya (still with wrist injury problems) as tail end flyer.  We kissed the clouds, bumped up and down a little bit.  But it was pretty smooth flying - plus we had a lovely tail-wind and there was no take-off queue at Moorabbin!  With such mazal, of course the planes arrived first, but not by much. 

Leon and Doreen arrived first, then Biker group #2 after about 5 minutes (total time 51 mins), then Joel and passengers, and finally the freeway group about a minute later.  So it’s fascinating that the freeway route took about 3-4 minutes longer.

 Reuven didn’t meet up at the café but drove directly to Tooradin.  Here’s his tale –

Reuven’s Report (via Batya):

Thinking the [flyers’] club house to be the rendezvous, I went in looking for maybe the first Yow to arrive - only to discover it was the wrong building.  Not knowing where Yow bikes were parked, I walked to the right rendezvous only to be encountered by a defiant lady waiting to tell me, “I was here first!”  When I asked who she was, she answered,  “I’m a Yipow!”  “What’s a Yipow?”  “Yidishe Pilots on Wings.”   “My fellow pilots will be here any moment together with Batya.”  A few minutes later YOWies began pulling up.  Since my bike was not within view, some asked if I had flown in.  I said no, but on reflection, my bike is also known as the Honda Night Hawk and can also fly (within the speed limits off course).  Nice to catch up.  Mazeltov to Doreen and fellow Yipows on your winged triumphs.

Richard’s report:

After photos on the apron were taken, most rode home, but Richard, Ian, Mark and Jonno headed to the peninsula for some more riding.  First stop was Tyabb airstrip – reconnaissance in case we do that next year.  It took 21 mins Tooradin to Tyabb. From there continued to Red Hill and Arthurs Seat.  Weather held with only a few short showers. After a snack, a blast down the hill and headed home on the slab, back 2:30pm, 200km.

Anyone else with a story, please comment.